About Willem and Marian de Vink

WILLEM AND MARIAN DE VINK are experts in creative communication. Their picture story book Jesus Messiah is published in more than 180 languages. With more then four decades of full-time ministry behind them, they are experienced in proclaiming the gospel of Jesus in the Netherlands and around the world.

Willem (born in 1957) is a pastor, preacher, writer and illustrator. He expresses his passion for Christ in churches and conferences, schools, universities and in the media. He published more than thirty books. Marian (born in 1960) is a graphic designer and leading the ministry and publishing house The Grace Factory. Willem and Marian de Vink are living in the city of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. They are married since 1980. They have three children and three grandchildren.

In his teenage years Willem expressed his love for Jesus freely and started a Bible group at school. His enthousiasm so impressed the teacher that he asked him to teach religion class. That’s how his preaching ministry started. At fourteen he started publishing Jesus-comics in a monthly youthpaper. Years later he quit a succesfull job in journalism and advertisement to create a picture story book of the life of Jesus, called Jesus Messiah that he envisioned would tell of Jesus’ love around the world. It became an effective tool to spread the gospel and is used in evangelism, education and church planting in many countries all over the world.

Available in the webshop in English, Rumanian, Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew, Tigrinya, Papiaments and Dutch.

The picture story is also available in 20 small video’s.

Willem wrote an autobiography about the divorce of his parents and forgiveness, a book about the impact of Jesus in the life of Vincent van Gogh and four daily devotionals, some of them many times reprinted. He also wrote a book about the foundation of Grace. With his wife as a co-writer he wrote a book about marriage. All these books are published in Dutch and are illustrated by himself and designed by his wife Marian. They also created the Teen Bible to help teenagers understand that everything in the Bible relates to Jesus. This book is published in Dutch, French and German. (It is not published in English yet, but an English translation is available.) Their latest book is the graphic novel Jafeth (the son of Noah), a story that refers to responsibility and hope in the climate crises.

For almost a decade Willem was the leader of the youth program of Opwekking, the biggest christian festival in the Netherlands. He also was national director of Campus Crusade for Christ. He helped a team of pastors planting some churches. In their own country Willem and Marian give a strong witness of Jesus Christ on platforms and in the media. Bold proclamation of the gospel is really needed. According to Pew Research Center survey 2018 the Netherlands is by far the most non-religious country in Western Europe. Only 41 percent of the Dutch identify themeselves as christians. Also abroad Willem and Marian share the gospel. Willem preached and teached in Belgium, Poland, Surinam, Nepal, China, Israel and other countries.

Willem and Marian have a special connection with the Jews. They live at the Noordereiland, an island in the river Maas under the famous Erasmusbridge in Rotterdam. It was the place where hundreds of thousands Jewish refugees from Eastern Europe in the early years of the 20th century shipped in with the Holland America Line to cross the ocean for a new life in America. The Jewish missionary Joseph Zalman, who worked for the London Society in Rotterdam, preached the gospel during 1888-1922 to approximately 300.000 Jewish travellers at the Noordereiland. Willem and Marian are inspired to bless Israel by leading tours in the Holy Land and by sending Hebrew Jesus Messiah books to Israel. They are grateful that the Jesus Messiah picture book is spread in Hebrew among Israeli’s and in Arabic among Palestinians.

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