• About Willem and Marian de Vink

    VISION WILLEM AND MARIAN DE VINK “We are storytellers. We focus on the greatest story that has been told and that we want to lift across generations into the future. We’ve been doing that together as a couple for 40 years.[...]
  • The most translated comic book: Jesus Messiah

    Charisma, september 2022 – Willem de Vink is probably the greatest evangelist The Netherlands has ever had, because of his Comic book Jesus Messiah. It is the most translated Comic book in the world. The book has now been[...]
  • Picture Story Book in more than 100 languages

    Wycliffe News Network, 2016 – When Willem was an adult everything came together. He discovered that what he really wanted to do was make a picture story book about the life of Jesus. “This was my dream, my vision, and I[...]
  • Teen Bible by Willem de Vink

    250 BIBLESTORIES for young teenagers (10-15 years old). Design and illustrations fit in the teenage-culture (cartoons, computer games, manga). The text is written consistent with the way of thinking as defined by Jesus:[...]
  • Abraham in the Teen Bible

    STORY 2.10 God provides a lamb God speaks with Abraham once again. He talks to him like a true friend. That’s what God does when He wants to be close to people. ‘Call your son, your favorite, your only one,’ God tells[...]
  • Jesus in the Teen Bible

    STORY 11.15 Jesus in Scripture Two of Jesus’ followers decide to go home. One of them is called Cleopas. They feel terrible: the festival has ended with a fiasco. Disappointed and exhausted they go down to Emmaus, a few[...]
  • God, Release Your Creativity!

    VISION – Colour! What’s life without colour? It gives us surprise, depth, emotions. Red has a certain warmth to it, blue is cold. Yellow shouts. Green has sourness, and black is bitter. Just take some time and have a look[...]
  • God’s Creative Power

    MINDMAP – God communicates through Art, Play, Word and Spirit and Sabbath Psalm 19:1-4 The heavens tell out the glory of God, the vault of heaven reveals his handwork. One day speaks to another, night with night shares its[...]