Teen Bible by Willem de Vink

250 BIBLESTORIES for young teenagers (10-15 years old).
Design and illustrations fit in the teenage-culture (cartoons, computer games, manga). The text is written consistent with the way of thinking as defined by Jesus: everything in the Bible relates to Him.

“Search the scriptures… they are they which testify of me” (John 5 verse 39).

The Teen Bible comprises of 250 stories, including Genesis, Job, Psalms, Jesus, the letters of Paul, Revelation, etc. It consists of twelve sections. At the beginning of each section an introduction gives an explanation regarding the main characters, the locations and the general idea, presented as a quest.

The Teen Bible will help and stimulate teenagers to read the Bible. The contents are not written to moralise, but to inspire: the stories are not simply retold, but include relevant links found in the Bible. The language used, such as hidden symbolism and “secret powers”, appeals to the present generation of teenagers.

The Teen Bible is written with a second layer hidden behind the stories. In this, it gives insight in the detail found within the Bible in a continuous line. Within the text there are great discoveries and plays on words. The underlying meanings and links are sometimes incorporated into the text, or are highlighted in text boxes next to the stories. Links to Jesus are hidden within the stories, the symbolism and even in the illustrations.

The makers also produced three devotionals, each of forty days, styled like the Teen Bible: You and Jesus, Wow, This is You and Heroes.


The makers
The Teen Bible is been developed and written under the peronal management by the Dutch pastor Willem de Vink, author of many books, such as the picture strip book Jesus Messiah (translated into 110 languages).

The illustrations are initiated by Willem de Vink, and developed, coloured and revised by Arjan Wilschut, who won international prizes for his animations and Timo Visser, working in the gaming industry.

592 pages, 19,5 x 24,5 cm.

Available in Dutch (published by Royal Jongbloed), German (Grace Verlag) and French (Canadian Bible Society). Translated in English, not yet published in English.

Royal Jongbloed Publishers, The Netherlands