Drawing is a universal language

About comic book Jesus Messiah. By Geert Hoekstra, published in Wycliffe Global Alliance, december 2015.

picture%20of%20picture%20books%20and%20atlasWillem de Vink discovered that what he really wanted to do was make a comic about the life of Jesus. Willem wanted his project to be distributed all over the world in as many languages as possible – and he spent a year and a half developing the comic. “This was my dream, my vision, and I love Jesus,” he shares. “I wanted people to get to know my Jesus, my hero.” Today, the comic book Jesus Messiah is in more than 60 languages and is available to any language community anywhere in the world that wants to translate and use it. In many countries, it’s used as a literacy tool. Recently, someone in Sudan wrote to tell Willem they had grasped the gospel message for the first time through the comic and said, “Now, Jesus has become one of us, because he speaks our language.”

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